S&S Holding Company

S & S Real Estate, Inc was created in 1992 by Richard Stark and Robin Seiser as an entity to purchase Westdale Shopping Center in Des Moines, Iowa in April of 1993. Over the next 10 years, S & S purchased an additional five properties. The investment properties are located in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.  Richard, Robin and George Gilchrist are the common denominator in each of the properties.   To facilitate the property purchases one or two additional investors were recruited and a separate entity was formed for each purchase.

In October, 1999 S & S Real Estate Holding Company, LLC was created to allow a group of 12 investors to combine their real estate investments to create a large group of properties.  This initial group of investors owned a total of six properties.

On January 1, 2003, S & S Holding Company, LLC was created. S & S Holding Company acquired S & S Real Estate Company, LLC’s initial six properties.  The newly formed company consisted of the initial investors in the six original properties and several additional investors.   With capitol raised from the new offering an additional three properties were purchased.

The managers of S & S Holding Company, LLC are Richard Stark and Robin Seiser. George Gilchrist, a member of the original Holding Company, is their Kansas City partner and property manager.  George brings considerable commercial real estate experience to the team.